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Austin Film Festival

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A couple of weeks ago a call for photographers for the 2009 Austin Film Festival went out to the Austin Photogs Facebook group. Photograph the filmmaker Q&A screenings and provide event coverage in exchange for an all-access pass. Sweet. Feature screenings I saw:

  • Caprica
  • Warrior Champions
  • Little Fish, Strange Pond
  • Cummings Farm
  • Wild Texas Weather

I’ll be processing photos and uploading/blogging more as I finish getting over a stomach bug or whatever this has been.

My friend Carter has a new project: Again, For The Win. To celebrate their formation and Megan‘s birthday, Carter, Paul, Wayne, and Travis threw a barbecue (really, just grilling some and partying).

Since most of the members of Carter’s other project stumbledrunk were there, they also gave an impromptu performance. It was fun times.

Gonna catch up, I swear.

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Nearly every blog is behind in posting; every blogger has stuff to post but they just haven’t gotten around to yet.

I’ve got lots of old stuff and some new stuff coming through the pipe and I’ll be blogging, for reals.