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Back in November I assisted William Bay on a few conceptual bridal shoots. As I said then, (Busy week), it was a busy week.

Here are his posts about the results:
Jessa – Austin Shoot
Untouchable. Aka: Paul Caponigro’s Bride

William explained the concept for the Paul Caponigro homage over beers at Spider House Cafe with fellow Austin photographers Ben Godkin, Sweet Caroline, and Francis Joseph. The concept sounded like it would be cool. Difficult to pull off. “How are you going to get that many white dogs?” someone asked? Later in the week, as the day of the shoot approached, the weather forecast for that Friday was less than promising. Forecast 100% chance of rain. Rain and photography mix better when you’re not shooting borrowed (and very expensive) bridal gowns.

Friday came and we were all pleasantly surprised that the rain broke, leaving it simply overcast and drizzling at shoot time. The grass at Auditorium Shores was wet and not muddy. Things came together. Someone showed up with a very large and beautiful white dog, which now appears in many blurs in the final image.

If you haven’t seen it, go see the final image at William’s blog: Untouchable. Aka: Paul Caponigro’s Bride.