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Spring Spectacular, ASME

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Yes, finally the followup to the single image posted before, Water balloon bursting.

For Spring Spectacular, student engineering societies from the Cockrell School of Engineering hosted a public outreach fair for Austin-area children.

ASME’s booth had kids build a structure to protect a water balloon from bursting after a drop.


As usual, hit the thumbnails for larger versions.

Real Ale 15th Anniversary

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Real Ale had its 15th anniversary open house. Fun times. Got a Fireman’s #4 pint glass. Thanks to Brittany, I’m trying to embrace the bottom half of the frame, on the way to bottom third of the frame.

Real Ale storage tank at brewery

Candles for Miranda’s birthday

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Harrison lights candles for Miranda’s birthday. Yes, a whole box of 24 on a cupcake. Not easy.

Harrison lights candles for Miranda's birthday.

Single image from a wedding second shot for Elissa R Photography earlier this year.

This was a bit of a grab shot. Saw what was happening, and had the right lens for the distance.