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Cummings Farm

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Cummings Farm: Three couples get together on a farm in rural Louisiana to have an orgy. They have no business getting in an orgy. It’s awkward. But funny awkward. And despite the main plot point being an orgy, there is surprisingly little nudity.



Herpes Boy

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(Not a lot of times you get to use the word ‘herpes’ in a blog post, are there?)

Herpes Boy started as a web series and got picked up into a feature film. Most of the screenings I covered I was able to see the films. The Shorts 5 screening overlapped with the Herpes Boy Saturday screening. Thanks to Britt Moody at Alamo Ritz, I got in the back of the theater right as the Q&A started.




Shorts 5

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Short films are fun. The short films at AFF seemed to be somewhat grouped by topic. Shorts 5 could be called “nerdy love”. Or maybe “strange/awkward/offbeat love”. I can relate.

Two of the shorts in the set won awards: Love Bug, Narrative Short Audience Award Winner, Writer/Director: Kat Candler


Adelaide, Narrative Student Short Audience Award Winner, Writer/Director: Liliana Greenfield-Sanders



The first screening I attended at AFF was the documentary Warrior Champions. It follows four American soldiers, wounded in combat, as they try for the 2008 Paralympic Games. It’s pretty intense.

All four soldiers were at the Q&A, along with filmmakers the Renaud brothers.

Thank you for your service.



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Battlestar Galactica was lots of fun. Good television. But wait, the show is over and reached a end of story? Uh-oh, can’t make a spinoff sequel. What to do… Let’s make a prequel!

Caprica was one of the screenings at the Austin Film Festival I had heard of prior to signing up to photograph events.

Actor Esai Morales (Joesph Adama) and director Jeffrey Reiner attended the screening and did a Q&A session afterwards.


Esai was funny, in marked contrast to his quite serious character. At one point he channeled Edward James Olmos’s glare: