Category: Humor

Do a search for “wedding shot list” and plenty of results come up. Some high-profile, like this one from the Knot. They say, “The best way to ensure your photographer captures the right moments for all posterity is to provide a suggested shot list.” has their List of ‘must take’ shots.

Some of them are curiously specific:

  • Close-up of groom’s adorably nervous mug waiting for his other half
  • Bride with her happy, proud parents and/or stepparents
  • Groom with his happy, proud parents and/or stepparents
  • Bride/groom with college alums

Others rather obvious:

  • Exchanging the rings
  • Close up of hands
  • The Kiss

It’s like a scavenger hunt! I propose the following items:

  • Overzealous guests with cameras, attempting and failing to hide in the foliage.
  • Guest annoyed that other guest is blocking his/her line of sight.
  • Bride jumping out a window
  • Keg stand
  • Members of the bridal party propositioning each other
  • Bored guest checking facebook/twitter on iPhone 3G
  • DJ doing something embarrassing
  • Guests clinging to the wall to avoid the dance floor just like in sixth grade
  • Guest leaving who’s totally going to get arrested for drunk driving
  • Best man flirting with bride
  • Maid of honor flirting with groom
  • Women fighting over bouquet
  • Bloody nose after bouquet toss fight
  • Group shot of all ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends
  • Kid trying to drink ‘adult beverage’
  • Kid with “it wasn’t me” look on his/her face, while another kid cries
  • The rings… somewhere on the floor after dropping them while setting up a cool ring shot
  • “We’re so not getting back the damages deposit.”

So yeah. Shot lists are silly.