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E-Week 2011

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April 24th, 2011 Permalink

As part of National Engineers Week, the Student Engineering Council at the University of Texas at Austin hosts its own E-Week competitions.

It’s a week of craziness. There were two major service/outreach days: Engineering Day at the Museum and Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. Each of the student societies competed in and hosted competitions, including capture the flag, Rock Band, talent show, lip-syncing contest, and a canned food drive/building contest.

Throughout the whole week, student societies also scrambled to complete scavenger hunt items like “Make an origami zoo (at least 20 different animals)” and “Make UT clocktower out of legos.”

The student chapter of ASME at UT competed, and won its sixth consecutive year. See the official writeup, Engineers Week — 18th — 25th February, 2011.

Most creative picture with the “Clock Knot” involving only a society’s members. Originally I wanted to do a flash composite, but this was deemed to be too time- and labor-intensive. So instead, we used the geography to our advantage. Inspired by “I Should’Ve Had a V8” by Ryan Brenizer.


All of one’s society officers with Alec (bonus for another organization’s officers picture)


Here’s a single photo from the first dance at a wedding I second-shot for Christine Tremoulet under her associate photographer Kelly, back in September. The wedding was at Hotel ZaZa in Houston’s Museum District. Very pretty venue; very pretty couple.

Old wedding details, as a guest

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September 25th, 2010 Permalink

It was less than three months after I got my first SLR that I went to a friend’s wedding. Shooting professionally was far from my mind.

Sometimes it’s strange that these are still some of my favorites. Three years later, it is funny how little equipment I had and how I would have exposed differently. ISO 200 indoors, even with lots of windows? Was I afraid of noise or what? I used my 50mm prime lens the whole day and carried just camera and lens. At this point, I didn’t even own an external flash.

20070317-6620 flower petal detail

20070317-6618 fork detail

Gears for a class project

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August 26th, 2010 Permalink

I had a class project that involved reverse-engineering a mechanical system.

My partner was taking photos with a point-and-shoot. I offered to take the system (a cordless drill) home to take photos, as I had a setup. Set up flashes and a white backdrop using a roll of newsprint paper.

I used the 85mm f/1.8 with extension tubes and three flashes. Two bounced (ceiling and wall) and one through a shoot-through umbrella. Fine time to find a dead battery in the Skyport transmitter. Now have spares.


Again, For The Win released its album, Bonus Deluxe Version, and celebrated with a show at Red Eyed Fly in downtown Austin.