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Battlestar Galactica was lots of fun. Good television. But wait, the show is over and reached a end of story? Uh-oh, can’t make a spinoff sequel. What to do… Let’s make a prequel!

Caprica was one of the screenings at the Austin Film Festival I had heard of prior to signing up to photograph events.

Actor Esai Morales (Joesph Adama) and director Jeffrey Reiner attended the screening and did a Q&A session afterwards.


Esai was funny, in marked contrast to his quite serious character. At one point he channeled Edward James Olmos’s glare:


Austin Film Festival

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A couple of weeks ago a call for photographers for the 2009 Austin Film Festival went out to the Austin Photogs Facebook group. Photograph the filmmaker Q&A screenings and provide event coverage in exchange for an all-access pass. Sweet. Feature screenings I saw:

  • Caprica
  • Warrior Champions
  • Little Fish, Strange Pond
  • Cummings Farm
  • Wild Texas Weather

I’ll be processing photos and uploading/blogging more as I finish getting over a stomach bug or whatever this has been.

My friend Carter has a new project: Again, For The Win. To celebrate their formation and Megan‘s birthday, Carter, Paul, Wayne, and Travis threw a barbecue (really, just grilling some and partying).

Since most of the members of Carter’s other project stumbledrunk were there, they also gave an impromptu performance. It was fun times.